WFFM Meetings & Events

One of WFFM’s primary roles is to cultivate lines of communication between member associations and to promote the idea of Friends of museums worldwide.

This is why WFFM supports a number of diverse events and initiatives, such as meetings, conferences and congresses on such topics as fundraising, volunteer work, educational activities and so on.

WFFM promotes the exchange of information between associations of Friends of museums through an annual

Council and General Assembly Meeting

held once or twice a year, and an

International Congress

held every three years in different places of the world.

The annual meetings, open only to WFFM members, are held in different countries each year: the host WFFM member usually organises, at the same time, seminars of interest to Friends as well as other cultural and social events.

The International Congresses provide an excellent forum for Friends of museums to meet and exchange information and ideas with experts such as museum curators, men and women of letters and culture, authors, architects, archaeologists, historians...


Next WFFM Event

Meeting for Young Friends in Lisbon from the 8th to the 11th of May 2018

Council Meeting & General Assembly in Madeira from the 10th of May to the 13th.


Chronology of World Congresses


XVI International WFFM Congress

May 17-21, Mantova·Verona, Italy


Annual Council Meeting and General Assembly,
Washington, D.C., June 2-5, 2016



Annual Council Meeting and General Assembly,
Mexico City, June 12-15, 2015


International WFFM Congress
May 14-18, 2014, Berlin, Germany


XIV International WFFM Congress
September 18-22, 2011, Genova, Italy
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XIII International WFFM Congress
Relationships between Museums, Friends and Volunteers
September 21-26, 2008, Jerusalem, Israel
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XII International WFFM Congress
Friends and Museums: Facing New Realities
18-22 October, Seville, Spain
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XI International WFFM Congress
Why Friends of Museums?
7-11 October, Buenos Aires, Argentina


X International WFFM Congress
New Century New Museums: New Friends
13-17 September, Sydney, Australia


IX International WFFM Congress
Museums of Tomorrow and Their Friends
21-25 October, Oaxaca, Mexico


VIII International WFFM Congress
The Renaissance of Community Participation
in the Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage
1-4 June, Treviso, Italy


VII International WFFM Congress
The Museum: Cultural Point in the City
2-6 April, Cordoba, Spain


VI International WFFM Congress
Metamorphosis: The Challenge of Change
15-19 June, Toronto, Canada


V International WFFM Congress
Which Public? For Which Museums? With Which Friends?
2-6 July, Paris, France


IV International WFFM Congress
Friends and Their Heritage
14-21 June, Birmingham, UK


III International WFFM Congress
Environment, Cultural Heritage, Permanent Education
6-11 June, Florence, Italy


II International WFFM Congress
Contacts between Museums and Associations
16-21 June, Brussels, Belgium


I International Congress of Friends of Museums
19-23 June, Barcelona, Spain